All times listed are in UTC.

2004-07-16 21:00 (approx) onward
JetStream connection cancelled. The network now no longer has an exterior front as such; outside contact is via a tunnel from Spillville, which now hosts these web pages (and all other sites hosted at till now).
2003-04-12 12:06 to 2003-04-12 13:01
Planned change of DSL equipment.
2002-12-30 12:45 to 2002-12-30 13:11
Planned upgrade to OpenBSD 3.2.
2002-07-04 20:00 to 2002-07-06 22:50
DSL connection went down (apparently there was a hardware fault at the Telecom end, for my circuit only, which was why no one at Telecom noticed). During this period, I took the time to upgrade the system to OpenBSD 3.1.
2002-03-14 06:42 to 2002-03-14 14:22
Hardware upgrades to both and
2002-03-13 05:05 to 2002-03-13 08:43
Upgrade machine to a Celeron 1000. Yep, the 486's speed became a little intolerable, I'm afraid.
2002-02-18 07:12 to 2002-02-18 08:35
OpenBSD 3.0 upgrade.
2002-02-10 13:35 to 2002-02-11 06:33
It seems, from my DNS and email logs, that there had been some sort of network outage. Circumstances unknown.
2001-06-26 06:30 to 2001-06-26 07:45
Power outage in various sections of Epsom.
2001-06-17 01:30 to 2001-06-17 02:30
Scheduled shutdown for an upgrade to OpenBSD 2.9.
2001-05-10 01:45 (approx) to 2001-05-12 01:45

A section of an oak tree at 6 Omana Ave was blown over, knocking over six power poles, and depriving the entire street of electricity for nearly 24 hours. This was publicised in The New Zealand Herald (on the front page of the 2001-05-11 issue, no less).

This incident also caused our overhead phone lines to be damaged. On 2001-05-11 new lines were put in, but the service crew neglected to connect the wire leading to the DSL jack. This was finally fixed on 2001-05-12.